Caldera Archaeology is a partnership between two friends that met while in graduate school at Western Washington University. Caldera Archaeology now has office locations in both Washington and Oregon! We are excited to announce the January 2017 opening of our new office in Bend, Oregon.

We are committed to delivering prompt, professional expertise efficiently and at very competitive rates. Our company is committed to providing outstanding customer service to our clients with high professional and ethical standards in everything that we do. Caldera Archaeology is proficient and experienced with the mandates of the Section 106 process, Executive Order 05-05, NAGPRA, ARPA, NEPA, RCW 27.53, RCW 27.44, ORS 97.740-97.760, ORS 358.605-358.622, ORS 390.235, and all related laws and regulations.

We provide archaeological oversight through background research and records searches, coordination with Native tribes and permitting agencies, research, field survey, data recovery, laboratory analysis, and report production. Our staff is experienced in faunal analysis, spatial analysis, human remains identification and repatriation, artifact illustration, macrobotanical analysis, and lithic analysis. Caldera Archaeology staff have been helping property owners, agencies, and contractors through cultural resource compliance processes for decades.