Caldera Archaeology is available to agencies, private parties or individuals seeking to comply with regulations mandated by laws such as Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, Executive Order 05-05, NAGPRA, ARPA, NEPA, RCW 27.53, RCW 27.44, ORS 97.740-760, ORS 358.905-961, and ORS 390.235 before construction or ground disturbing activities can commence.

Caldera’s staff can carry out your project from beginning to end:
• Free estimate and initial consultation
• Fieldwork, testing and mapping
• Reporting
• Archaeological Monitoring
• Laboratory Analysis
• Human Remains/Burials, Precontact and Historic
• Site Forms/Historic Property Inventory
• Eligibility Testing and Nomination
• Washington and Oregon State Archaeological Excavation Permits
• Excavation/Mitigation/Inadvertent Discovery Plans
• Interagency Consultation

Collaborative stewardship ensures that current land development does not result in the loss of historic and prehistoric resources. Often a project is best expedited by avoidance or redesign. It is our primary objective to optimize the study of finite archaeological resources while keeping your project moving.